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  1. There is quite a few different forum software out there, so here I am going to explain the different ones that I have used and tested out. If you want to to learn how to install it, check out my hub on Steps to Installing a Message Board or a Content Management System

    Invision Power Board

    Invision Power board is the one that I like the best of them all, but the downside of it all is that you have to buy the license and it is not cheap. In my mind it is well worth it as it is a good quality product.

    Simple Machine

    Simple Machine has been around for a while. One thing that is good that IPB and PHPBB don’t have is that the mods install its self. In smf, they call it packages. You do not even have to unzip the files. Just leave them as is just like you would do with the themes.
    I noticed one thing that smf has that IPB don’t is that there is the ability to have tables in posts. PHPBB don’t have the table capabilities either. Like phpbb, the rank sets have to be in certain directory. In fact before there was a rank modification. Every theme you had to download the ranks to the theme rank directory.

    I found phpbb rank system a tad easier for ranks, but smf rank system is the way I like it where it actually has groups and it has where you can have a member title.


    Phpbb is probably one of the oldest message boards out there and its also very popular. Personally I do not really like it. With the latest version, it has gotten better, but still needs improvement.
    Which one should you pick?

    Its really up to you as you are the one whom has to use it anyways. Not everyone likes the same things. I like IPB the best, but some people do like the free boards better. These are not even all the boards out there, but there is plenty of different boards out there. The best way I have learned what is good is by testing them out if I could.

    Originally Posted November 12, 2012

  2. Sparkal
    Latest Entry

    Tonight, I was able to unlock my legacy on Hydarian Way. It was about time that I did as its been a while. The name I really wanted was not available. I am not using the surname option but the Legacy look so my one character from the RP perspective can still have the same last name that I wanted, but know that she comes from a legacy. Each of my characters can be related, but not have the last name. I ended up choosing Winters as the Legacy. In the upcoming Blog entries, I will probably be trying to write this all out. I have some Sith side characters on the server, but I think I am going to remove them as it just does not make sense from this type of perspective.

    I have two more servers to get characters to the Legacy. I can tell you it was a pain in the behind to get to this point. The mission I had to do to unlock it was really hard. I am not sure if all of the classes are like that, but we will see. At least now i know what to do when it comes to the classes.


    Originally posted February 13, 2012

  3. Trekkiemelissa
    Latest Entry

    By Trekkiemelissa,

    As you may have noticed is that we do have a subscription plan.  Originally I was thinking of having more than one plan, but for now its more simple to keep it to one.  Its a low cost plan to upgrade to from the basic membership.  Its free to sign up to this website.  If you wanted some added perks, you will have to sign up to our members plus plan.

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