Sparkal’s Tips and Tricks to the Dark Vs. Light Event in SWTOR

companionOne of the things that I am good at when it comes to MMOs, is that I can game the system with the system that is given to me.  What I don’t do is exploit though.  I use what is given to me and use it to my advantage, which anyone could easily do.

In my opinion, this event is for people who love to create alts and people who are either returning or are new to the game.  This is also a bit of a money grab for the people who have already ran out of character slots.  I am still in the opinion that they should have given us more of a discount than they did.  The event does have its good points though as it does get everyone to explore the game from level one and experience that you have not experience before.

My advice to anyone starting with this event is go here and decice how far you want to go with the event.  For myself, it will probably be champion or eternal level.  Legendary seems to be a bit out of my reach.  Since this has achievements, I will still try to get the achievements I can do at that level.

Do the Event on multiple servers.

My advice is just that.  If you feel comfortable playing on more than one character, then I suggest you do do as you will earn more force bound dark vs. light packs.

Getting to Level 25 and 50 (Heroric and Legacy Level)

Getting to these two levels is actually pretty easy.  The first character for this event, I chose a trooper.  Once it made it to level 10, I chose commander.  The reason I went with this class is because I believe its one of the best DPS in the game.  Mind you, I have played most of the classes by now as I have been with the game since before the game came out.  I have honestly seen what this class is capable of doing.  My plan was to use this character for most of the objectives.  I will be using other characters as needed.

So I do the class quests from level 1-8.  Once I hit level 8 or higher, I go to fleet and grab the crew skills quest and talk to every crew skill person to get xp.  I finish it off once I pick the crew skills.  I usually get to level 10 or higher this way.  If you have treek unlocked for your account, I also go and grab her and go back to the class quest on the starter planet.  Once I finish the starter planet, I actually go and grab the herorics for it and complete them before leaving.  Then I go back to fleet and grab any more quests that I may need.

Before I go on to the next planet, I go and complete esseles or Black Talon depending on the side before moving on.  I do the class quests and heroics at least with each planet.   Heroics are always the last thing I do.  I usually mix up tactical flashpoints or PVP in between running class quests.  It just depends on my mood.  By doing all of this, you will get to level 50 in no time at all.  Doing the daily flashpoints and PVP is going to help for later objectives.  Esseles or Black Talon, Boarding Party or Taral V, Foundry or Maelstrom Prison are the only ones required for the Legacy Level.

At around level 15, you should go and do the stronghold quest as you will need it for the valiant level.

Valiant Level

Before you hit 25, you should have done the stronghold quest.  If not, this is the time you do that one as it is needed for this level.  If you are not 55 yet, I would do some tactical flashpoints or herorics to get there.    I would suggest doing the tactical flashpoints as you will need them for the Champion Level.  Once you hit 55, you can do the shadow of Revan prelude which includes 4 flashpoints.  Once that is complete, then you will go to Rishi and start the Shadow of Revan expansion.  This achievement would be completed once you fight Revan on Yavin 4.

At this point,you should be level 60 but don’t start the KOFE just yet.  I would do the Ziost storyline first because if you start KOFE, you will not be able to the complete the Ziost storyline and there is an achievement for completing it.  Once done, then you can start KOFE.

Champion Level

As you noticed at an earlier level, I suggested do tactical flashpoints as you level.  You can do this either on the first character you created or you can create another character and level them through tacticals until they have all the flashpoints needed.  I suggest do an opposite faction as there is an achievement in the Eternal level to have both sides at level 65.

You should also make sure you finish all the KOTFE chapters and at least 5 alerts.  Also you will have to have a valor of 5 from ground PVP.  I suggest that be done at a lower level as its really easy to get.

Eternal Level

You will need to have a republic and imperal side character at level 65 + at get past round 5 of the eternal championship.

Legendary Level

I would actually just look in your achievements under Dark Vs Light event to see what you are missing.  Some of the achievements you may have completed in the previous levels.