Sparkal’s Guide to Getting Ready For KOTET

Screenshot_2015-07-10_08_44_25_088187With about a week away from the release of the new expansion, many players are preparing for the expansion.  I know I have for quite some time even while working on the the DVL event.  Here is what I suggest everyone should do to prepare.

  1.  Finish up the DVL event up as much as you can.  You won’t be able to go back to finishing up any of the achievements after the expansion hits on the 29th
  2. Max out your crafting as much as you can.  Crafting will be going up to 600.  The less you have to do, the better.  Honestly its not to hard to max it out provided you have the mats to do so.    Just make the components.  If you are a conquest crafter, this is very helpful and you can save those up for when crafting conquests are in the rotation 🙂
  3. Level your characters.  Whatever your goal, go for it.
  4. Your warzone commendations, common crystals, glowing crystals, and radiant crystals will be going away and will be converted to credits.  Conversion rate has been posted here.  Just in case you did not see this, make sure you do not have over 2 million credits worth of commendations and crystals.  Yes its ridiculous, but that is what they set the limit to.
  5. If you are into increasing your companion influence, make sure you get them companion gifts before the expansion hits.  If you have a level 65 character buy the companion gifts off the odessen vendor.  It has been said that gifts are going to be expensive when the expansion hits.  You will still be able to get them from the supply crates, but you will also be getting them from the command crates once you hit level 70.  They also drop sometimes in your travels so there still will be multiple ways of getting them if you need them after the expansion hits but the ones in oddessen are one of the best companion gifts if you are looking to increase their rank really fast.
  6. Clean out your cargo bay.  I am not sure about you, but I seem to gather clutter quite often and just throw crap in my cargo bay.
  7. Gear your characters.  Don’t over due it though, but if you gear them in some way it will be helpful for the expansion.