Novare Coast – Over 3 Mil in Heals

So last night, I decided to jump into PVP on BC. As a healer, I know I get focused all the time. I also can tell if I am really getting focused because if they start following me all over the map which usually means far away from the objective. Its a good test on my part. That is a good thing because I am keeping them distracted. That does not mean that I am not focusing on my teammates as I am I am having to heal myself and my teammates. I usually start kiting them away just to see and then come right back. The other indication is how much damage was taken in and I look at the scoreboard at the end to see. I had taken in over 2 mil in damage. This was one of the best matches I have ever had. It comes with the territory of being a healer.

Screen Shot 01-12-17 at 12.12 AM 001