Fallen Empire Gameplay Livestream Sept. 30 Overview

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On Setember 30th, there was a live stream about information Knights of the Fallen Empire. This expansion is being released on October 27th and is free to subscribers. Early access is on the 20th. This stream is about showing us alot of information. If you do not want to see spoilers please go past the first part of the video that I had posted above. The first part shows off the level 60 character creation.

About Level 60 Creation
Screen Shot 10-02-15 at 10.57 PM 003
You get a default discipline when creating a new level 60, but you should be able to change it to what you prefer. The default will be a DPS class and its typically one that is easier to play.

Character Limits

Every time you create a new level 60 character past the 22 character limit you get another character slot.  The cap will be between 40-50 per server.

Level 60 Gear

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New level 60 character get legacy gear. gear level is 188 blues which is less than what you get from ziost.  Ziost you get 190 gear.  The relics are the only thing that is not bound to legacy.


When The Fallen empire is released, there  will be 9 chapter.  New chapters will be released in January and they will be one chapter once a month.

Crew Skills

When you create a fresh level 60 character you will get appropriate max level crafting skills for your class.


Screen Shot 10-07-15 at 07.28 AM

You will be able to switch your companion’s role now. You can choose between heals, dps or tank for your companion now. Gear is defined by your influence.  You can’t change the roles while in combat.

Legend Status

If you complete all 8 storylines, you will earn legend status.

Interface Editor

It now has snap to grids.


You can now import and export keybinds.

What you need to access Knights of the Fallen Empire

There is no prequel to access it.

Once you jump into the fallen empire you loose access to:

  • Completing your class story,
  • Won’t be able to complete main storylines on ziost, Makeb, rishi and yavin4

You will be able to do the dailies and etc though.

Temporary ability bars

They are introducing temporary ability bars like with the hutball and legacy abilities.  You can use each of the abilities twice through the course of heroric moment.


Crafting stays at 500.  You won’t have to train up anymore.  Crafting starts at blue quality instead of green quality.  Now you can gather any tier item instead of having to be that tier.  So if you are a grade 1 and try to gather grade 6, you will not get as much.  All of the missions for gathering and mission skills will be available.  Any of the obsolete materials will be changed over to useable crafting materials.l


Screen Shot 10-09-15 at 01.45 PM

The basic, elite ultimate comms have been renamed to common, glowing and radiant data crystals.  There is still a cap but there is no weekly cap now which I feel is a good thing.  There will be a bigger pool of players to play with.  Tacticals are levels 10-65.  Hardmode flashpoints and operations are levels 50-65.


You will be able to whisper people from your guild window now.


Screen Shot 10-09-15 at 01.52 PM

There is legacy datacrons 🙂

You will also be able to summon random mounts and pets.


They will be collapsed and you will be able to search collections now.

Core World Experience

Its similar to 12x XP but slightly different.  The way to level will be class stories and primary missions on the planet. The mission icons are slightly different.  Class missions are now purple.


There is heroric mission terminals now.  You will be syncing to the planet level now.

When you start Knights of the Fallen Empire

If you hit play and have not completed your class story, you will not be able to go back and complete it.