Write, What You Know

Even if the saying: write what you know was not around or taught, I would still think the same way.  Its really a great saying.  When it comes to online writing, I use that same philosophy.  Readers know if you are genuine or not.  How many of you remember what its like when you were in school and you had to write some sort of essay on something that did not interest you.  What did you do?  Procrastinate maybe?

For me, for the most part my interest revolves around technology in some sort of capacity.  At times, it does go beyond that.  As a kid,  I had always had an interest in computers and I still do.  A lot of my writing revolves around technology in some way, but not always.  It always is something that I have passion about in some way.

When I started writing online, I did learn learn some things about writing online.  Yes, I write online to make some money.  But here is the thing, I know I am not going to make a whole lot doing so.  The reason being, is because I rather write with good values in place. I don’t care about SEO and etc.  All I care about is writing regardless of if I make a lot of money or not.

There are people who put advertisements on their websites, but have not tested or don’t care if the advertisements are good.  I use Adsense.  There is no guarantee that every ad that comes from them is good, but I do believe in Adsense as I have been payed by them before.  Due to Adsense rules, I cannot say how much I make from them.  What I can say is I have been payed by them.

Back when Squidoo was up and going, there were lensmaster that would create what people called sales lenses.  There were some that had content and ones that did not.  The ones that did not have much of content did better than the ones with content for the most part.  I did not believe in the no content crap.  Morally, I felt that it was wrong and never did it even though some said it was okay to do.  I am glad I didn’t because shortly afterwards, the rules changed.

So when it has to do with content, I create content that I believe in and that will never change.